1. Primary Health Clinic

Our qualified staff provide affordable high-quality private healthcare services at our premises.

25 St Johns Road
Houghton Estate

Consultation times:
Mon-Fri: 8:30am -4:30pm

Contact the clinic:
Tel: +27 11 484 8068

The CHAPS Private Healthcare Clinic opened its doors on 9 December 2022. CHAPS provides primary healthcare and a comprehensive package of HIV care. Our qualified staff consult with patients on sexual reproductive health, antenatal care, paediatrics, general screening for overall health, vaccinations and non-communicable diseases. Where applicable, medication and referrals and linkages for further care and treatment are provided.


CHAPS Private Healthcare Clinic

Affordable Community Healthcare and Prevention Services


Consultation + Medication

Make an appointment or walk in for great service.

NO waiting in queues!

Services and screening include:

  • Physical Examinations
  • Screening for Chronic Illnesses and Psychosocial Counselling
  • COVID-19
  • HIV counselling, testing and treatment
  • Risk reduction counselling
  • TB & STI screening and access to condoms and lubrication
  • Increased linkage to HIV care and treatment for our beneficiaries. We have fostered a strong relationship with the National and Local Departments of Health to provide easy access to antiretroviral treatment through government facilities

Our Clinic Services and Pricelist

Our qualified staff provide affordable high-quality private healthcare services at our premises. 

Consultation fees:

General consult for minor ailments (with medication)
Follow up (no medication)

General health:

Blood pressure
Blood glucose
Hb test
Vit B injection
Ear syringe

Family planning:

Contraceptive injection
Oral contraceptives
Pregnancy test
Antenatal 1st visit
Antenatal follow up
Baby wellness (excl immunisations)
Flu Immunisations
HIV testing and counselling
Medical male circumcision (MMC)
MMC follow-ups
Pap smear
Wound care 1st visit
Wound care follow-up
Employee health screening
(Blood Pressure, Medical Questionnaire, Cholesterol, Chest Xray and ECG where required)
Professional driving permit (PDP medicals)

Visit us:

25 St Johns Road
Houghton Estate

Consultation times:
Mon-Fri: 8:30am -4:30pm

Contact the clinic:
Tel: +27 11 484 8068

2. Home Based Quality Nursing Services
in the comfort of your home

Home-based care is becoming increasingly important in improving overall healthcare.

It aims to improve quality of life for patients, restore and maximise their comfort, function and health, including providing care to facilitate a dignified death.

CHAPS is now providing home-based care services in the comfort of your home or dwelling place with highly skilled professional nurses or qualified care workers and physiotherapists who are carefully selected according to our clients needs.

CHAPS prides itself on its ability to offer affordable high-quality home-based care and nursing services across Gauteng.

CHAPS offers a comprehensive package of care which focuses on improving the health and wellness for each client in terms of their level of need.

Nursing care includes check, advise, support, treat/test (no acute services) and refer approach.

Our services include Half Day, Full Day, Night care and 24-hour Live-in care.

Our Services include:


Our healthcare professionals are trained to work with babies and children requiring assistance for situations such as coma, chronic illnesses and physical and mental issues arising from accidents, injuries and near-drowning incidents.

Post-operative care and rehabilitation

We assist in the recuperation and recovery process of patient after surgical procedures, such as hip/knee replacements, back or cardiac surgery. We understand the importance of minimising hospital acquired infections by removing the patient from hospital to home as soon as possible.


to advise and coach on specific exercises to aid patients with a speedy recovery. In addition, a physiotherapist is available to provide a recovery service. Special requirements are discussed with the patients’ doctors to ensure that the best possible support is provided for a full recovery.

Frail care

CHAPS provides home-based care for anyone requiring 24-hour assistance and monitoring. Examples of illnesses requiring frail care include chronic illnesses, wound care Parkinson’s, dementia, Alzheimer’s, strokes, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and emphysema.

Respite care

Our respite care offers interim care, where loved ones are caring for family members and the level of care required goes beyond their expertise, or where the carer needs a break from caregiving. We provide caregivers for as long as they are needed.


We offer care for the elderly, in the comfort of their own home. The elderly have a range of needs from frail care, chronic illnesses, risk of falls, surgical procedures and general mobility issues. Our caregivers are able to support them emotionally and make their daily tasks easier.

HIV and TB support

We facilitate access to treatment for HIV and TB, and offer nursing care, guidance and support. It is important for people living with TB to adhere to treatment for 6 months, and those who are HIV positive (or living with other chronic illnesses) have to be educate, capacitated and assisted in adhering to their lifelong treatment. Our caregivers are trained to perform home assessments that establish the living conditions and health of the patient and will also support the client in their treatment plan adherence.

Hospice patients

CHAPS provides home based care for hospice patients, enabling families to spend quality time with their loved ones at the comfort of your home during their final days. We provide expert nursing care for patients’ palliative and the psychosocial needs of the patient and family. Bereavement counselling is also available.

Process for requesting our HBC services

To ensure quick access to care tailored to your needs, please follow the process outlined here:

STEP 1 – Initial Consultation
  • During the initial consultation we will gather basic information from you to assess the level of care required.
  • This can be done either in person, phone call, a video call or whatsApp.
  • A further assessment may be needed with the patient and will be subject to a chargeable fee.
STEP 2 – Care Plan
  • A personalised care plan will be developed based on the client’s needs. This will be submitted together with a quotation to the client for consideration and will be tailored to suit your budget and healthcare needs.
  • As a medical aid member, Chaps will require an approval of care from your Medical Aid scheme, accompanied with the treating doctor or specialist motivation letter which includes the ICD-10 code(s).
  • CHAPS will endeavour to assist you with obtaining approval from your medical aid.
  • For non-medical aid members, you will be required to pay in advance after the quotation has been accepted, before our nurses are allocated to your service of care required.
STEP 3 – Client Onboarding
  • Once the client has accepted our care plan quotation, a suitable and well skilled qualified nurse will be allocated to the client within 24 hours.
  • Chaps is committed to provide you with nurses who will deliver high quality care, but equally important is a friendly caregiver with caring approach.

3. Onsite Wellness Mobile Service for Corporates and Organisations

Contact us if you would like to:
  • Reduce absenteeism and sick leave.
  • Minimise the need for employees to take time off to visit a healthcare professional.
  • Increase overall health and wellbeing of employees.
  • Improve productivity.
We can assist with:


  • Pre-employment Initial
  • Annual Exit
  • Return to work medical Public Drivers Permit [PDP]

General healthcare services

  • Medical history questionnaire
  • Vital signs check
    • BMI (Body, Weight, Height) Blood pressure
    • Heart rate Temperature
    • Respiratory rate

Physical exam

  • Heart and lung auscultation
  • Strength, range of motion and balance
  • Eye and ear examination

Cholesterol Test

Blood Glucose Test

Urine Test

Ear Syringe

Haemoglobin Test

HIV Testing

Vitamin B Injections

Medical IV Drip Therapy

Vision Screening (Basic)


Family Planning

For more information on our services and rates:

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