The Centre for HIV-AIDS Prevention Studies

Community-Led, Community-Loved, Community Trusted

The Centre For HIV-AIDS Prevention Studies (CHAPS)

Founded in 2010, CHAPS is an NPO that has a diverse portfolio of public health programme implementation and public heath response in infectious diseases. CHAPS has become synonymous with HIV prevention in its evolution over the past ten years.

CHAPS provides a comprehensive package of HIV care, primary healthcare services and training to more than 200 sites in South Africa. CHAPS is a Southern African regional organisation, with offices in South Africa, Eswatini and a presence in Namibia.


Voluntary Male Medical Circumcision (VMMC) - over 750 000

HTS - Over 1 050 000 through health screening and testing

Over 12 000 HCPs trained

TA, QA, EIMC, and demand creation support in sub Saharan Africa


CHAPS was founded on the cutting–edge and pioneering research that evolved from the Orange Farm Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision randomized control trial.

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CHAPS is an organisation with a diverse portfolio in public health responses for infectious diseases. 

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CHAPS is an accredited training provider under the Health and Welfare Sector Education and Training Authority (HWSETA) of South Africa.

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Our team is comprised of medical and technical subject matter experts in public health.

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CHAPS Presence

CHAPS has offices in South Africa, Eswatini and Namibia

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