The Centre For HIV-AIDS Prevention Studies (CHAPS)

CHAPS is the Centre for HIV/AIDS Prevention Studies. CHAPS is renowned for its Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision work and has become synonymous with HIV prevention mechanisms in its evolution over the last 10 years.

CHAPS was founded in 2010. The Centre evolved out of the Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision programme started in 2005 and expanded into a public organisation, responsible for providing VMMC services, a comprehensive package of HIV care and primary healthcare services across more than 200 sites in South Africa. CHAPS operates in Southern Africa, with offices in South Africa and Eswatini and a presence in Namibia.

Who We Are. What We Do

CHAPS is one of the largest, proudly South African non-governmental organizations (NGO) focused on innovative community-based health access. Through our pioneering work in research, CHAPS has successfully implemented and disseminated sustainable evidence-based health solutions throughout South Africa and the region. CHAPS is internationally recognized as a leading NGO in providing research, capacity building and VMMC services. It has rendered efficient and innovative services to six sub-Saharan African countries in areas such as program design, demand creation, training, service provision and quality assurance.

Who is Chaps

The Centre for HIV and AIDS Prevention Studies (CHAPS) is a dynamic public benefit South African based organisation, offering a diverse range of services in healthcare and skills development, with a specific focus on medical male circumcision as a biomedical intervention for HIV prevention.

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Yuki Doubles his Defence

See the journey of international soccer player Dennis Yuki Masina, as he becomes a health ambassador for medical male circumcision (MMC) for the Swaziland Ministry of Health and CHAPS.Medical Male circumcision can reduce your risk of getting HIV by 60%! Take responsibility for your health.
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