RTQII Training

The required minimum criteria for applicants:
All healthcare workers and healthcare professionals who need to acquire knowledge on the management of HIV Rapid Testing Quality Improvement

  • Course duration: 2 days

Course content:

  • Overview of HIV Rapid Testing
  • Understand Quality Assurance for HIV Rapid Testing
  • List and identify all the components of test kits for HIV rapid testing
  • Discuss essential elements of safety at HIV testing sites
  • Collect blood specimen from a finger prick accurately and confidently
  • Describe the HIV Rapid Testing algorithm
  • Understand the importance of record keeping by entering data in the standardized HCT register
  • Understand the importance of identifying errors in a standardized HCT register
  • Discuss the importance of Quality Control
  • Learn more about Proficiency Testing
  • Describe and learn more about the importance of Professional Ethics

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