Follow-up and Adverse Events Management Training is a critical component of the MMC courses offered because of its technical support content. The course seeks to capacitate medical doctors, nurses and clinical associates to provide follow-up care to patients and manage all types of adverse events and complications that may arise post-operatively.

This training is also useful for practitioners who may be involved in traditional circumcision. It will furthermore be of benefit to nurses who work in facilities where they provide follow-up care to

MMC clients in their facilities which ordinarily do not provide MMC services. The course entails a theoretical session, which covers routine follow-up, and all types of adverse events management. 

Course duration: 1 day

Course content 

  • Definition of an adverse event (AE)
  • Classification of AEs
  • Meaning of Severity and Reporting of AEs
  • Share common AE’s experienced during program implementation
  • AE reporting PEPFAR protocol template
  • Process of reporting to PEPFAR;NDOH; HQ and OGAC
  • Challenges with reporting the AE’s
  • Mitigation of AEs