The general practitioner (GP) training is a 2-day course that aims to sensitise and capacitate GPs in VMMC clinical skills. The GP program is part of the Public Private Partnership (PPP) between NDOH, USAID and Metropolitan Health Corporate (Pty) Limited (MH) – a private sector health insurance administrator. The shortened two-day course was designed to assist GPs with existing VMMC skills. However, some GPs present with little prior knowledge. The course consists of half a day of theory, and a day and a half of supervised practicals. The intention of the course is more focused on sensitization of the private providers to the NDOH VMMC programme and protocols. Certification only occurs after intensive mentoring to ensure surgical competence.

Senior trainers

  • Nompumelelo Nomafa Magagule
  • Dolly Jaravani
  • Thandi Dube

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