The Centre for HIV-AIDS Prevention Studies

Community-Led, Community-Loved, Community Trusted


The Centre for HIV/AIDS Prevention Studies (CHAPS), Eswatini is a local NGO registered in Eswatini, with 100% Eswatini management and leadership.

Since the inception of the programme, CHAPS has served as a reliable, hands-on partner in assisting the Ministry of Health’s (MoH) Swaziland National AIDS Program (SNAP) to achieve the goals set in the Swaziland National Strategic Framework (NSF). CHAPS supports the VMMC programme with demand creation, direct service delivery, trainings and technical assistance to the MoH.

CHAPS Eswatini has scaled down to two small projects with URC and Georgetown University respectively. The main activity for both projects is demand creation and mobilisation for VMMC.


The demand creation activities used several approaches to increase uptake of services among men in Eswatini. The impact of COVID-19 on demand creation activities meant that VMMC demand creation messages had to be broadened to incorporate COVID-19 health education component. The platforms used in this period were:

  • Existing database of clients that expressed interest in the service.
  • Social media with boosted posts being put up daily promoting VMMC services.
  • Use of existing champions to create sustainability for the programme.

Leadership Team