The Centre for HIV-AIDS Prevention Studies

Community-Led, Community-Loved, Community Trusted


The Centre for HIV/AIDS Prevention Studies (CHAPS), Eswatini is a local NGO registered in Eswatini, with 100% Eswatini management and leadership.

Since the inception of the programme, CHAPS has served as a reliable, hands-on partner in assisting the Ministry of Health’s (MoH) Swaziland National AIDS Program (SNAP) to achieve the goals set in the Swaziland National Strategic Framework (NSF). CHAPS supports the VMMC programme with demand creation, direct service delivery, trainings and technical assistance to the MoH.

CHAPS Eswatini runs the biggest and most productive VMMC facility in the country, Soka City. During this project period CHAPS, with the support from USAID, has successfully:

  • Delivered a total of 55 613 VMMCs between 2015 and 2019 in Eswatini, supported by USAID
  • This accounts for 76% of the total number of VMMCs performed nationally in the Kingdom
  • Trained over 200 practitioners and staff on VMMC
  • Contributed to an estimated aversion of 26 626 HIV infections
  • Supported comprehensive prevention through provision of HTS, TB and STI screening and referrals
  • Contributed towards local economic improvement through capacity building of staff and NGOs, employment of local communities and CBOs

Leadership Team

Nonzuko Mlotsa

Finance and Administration Coordinator

Paul Mangara

Public Health Specialist