What Differentiates us:

CHAPS is a corporate styled PBO. Though CHAPS is a PBO by registration, CHAPS prides itself on its high performance mind-set and corporate styled organisational culture. The organisation aims to be result-focused and at every level carefully monitors and measures business unit outputs.


CHAPS is structured into 4 key business units described below:

Service Delivery: Providing medical male circumcision and HIV prevention services to men over the age of 10 years, in a variety of high performance specialised public and private facilities.

Technical Services: Including training and Quality Assurance, providing training to Health Care Professionals on HIV prevention and MMC techniques and practice. This unit also covers and provides internal and external Quality Assurance training and assessments.

Research: Performing research, publishing and presenting findings on a variety of HIV related topics and materials including medical male circumcision.

Start-up/Technical Assistance : CHAPS provides consulting services to government, funders and other countries on establishing and scaling up successful MMC programmes and other HIV related services.

These four pillars have culminated into the unique CHAPS business model that operates in alignment to a corporate organisation, where CHAPS assumes a high level of business risk as funding is obtained only after service delivery. The diagram below illustrates the CHAPS business model, explaining the corporate mechanisms utilised to deliver on their two-pronged Customer Value Proposition.

Through consistent improvements in operational efficiencies, enhanced relationship management at the National, Local Government and Funder levels and a consistent stream of innovation, CHAPS has improved its capacity, sustained medical male circumcision delivery and has tailored a differentiated business model to assist in maintaining and growing the funding base.

What Makes Us Efficient?

A blend of skilled and motivated staff including researchers, medical experts, HIV experts, management consultants, and skilled trainers.

A proudly South African approach to our work and a deep desire to promote positive health outcomes and eliminate HIV/AIDS from South Africa and the rest of the continent.

Carefully designed systems and integrated services which allow CHAPS to be flexible and respond quickly to funder and client needs while maintaining a standardised framework allowing consistent delivery of exceptional service and results.

The diagram below illustrates CHAPS’ success:


  •   25 ST John’s Road
         Parktown, Houghton Estate, 2198
  •   010 010 0238
  •   073 665 5220 / 082 776 8959
  •   +27 86 556 4331
  • bongi@chaps.org.za


CHAPS is one of the largest South African non-governmental organisations (NGO) focused on voluntary medical male circumcision.

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